Friday, February 25, 2011

Sin Takes, Never Gives

In October I wrote a blog about sin.  I passed along s statement that the Holy Spirit said to me, "Sin is not cute."  I have thought about that statement several times as I watch my children. 

Today, I learned a new statement about sin.  This one came from Beth Moore in her teaching video for Living Beyond Yourself
Nothing that sin can give to us is worth what sin takes from us.
From a parenting standpoint - Isn't this what we want our children to understand?  Sin has consequences.  Making good choices leads to a happy heart. 

In the book, Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years, the authors want parents to understand that mistakes made by a young child are good things.  It gives the child an opportunity to learn consequences for their sins.  But, if you are not providing a punishment for wrong choices, then your child isn't learning the truth behind this statement.  Thus, your child will not understand this statement when they are older and the sins get to be self-destructive, painful, and affecting the people around them. 

From a personal standpoint - If I could only remember this during the time of temptation!  Sin looks inviting, with its arms stretched out.  But what holds the invitation is always looking to hurt me. 

Thankfully as a child of God, I have the Holy Spirit to remind me and give me the strength to face the temptation straight on. I can pronounce by the blood of Jesus, "satan, you are not wanted!"

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