Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: A Warrior Prince for God

A Warrior Prince for God

Do you ever have those times that you read a book and you can't wait to tell your best friends about because you know they will love it too!  This is that time.  If you have boys or know any boys, A Warrior Prince for God is a book you must get.  Period.  

The story begins with a baseball game. Luke strikes out and has to deal with the jabs of twin boys, Double and Trouble. That night some of the boys have a camp out. While sleeping, Luke begins to "dream a royal dream where warriors were courageous, knights were knightly, and castles were majestic." In his dream, he meets Constant, the King's royal helper. Constant invites Luke and his friends to the "Warrior Prince Academy." There they "learn how to become warrior princes for the King of kings."

Constant teaches them about Drakon, the snake, who is sneaking around trying to keep the boys from becoming warrior princes. Using the story of David and Goliath, the boys see how nothing is impossible with God. "When you face your enemy, stand strong in the Lord."

Luke soon is faced with a real-life-dream situation involving Drakon and the twin boys, Double and Trouble. Draken encourages Luke to get even. Remembering what Constant taught him, he faces Drakon head on saying "King Jesus is the only leader we will obey. It is in Jesus' name that I stand strong!"

Momma C's Thoughts:
Even with 30 long pages, Bubs was glued the entire time.  He couldn't wait to turn the page and see what was happening next.   Each set of pages contains a couple-hundred words.  The book claims to be for ages 3 to 8 but I would definitely place it for the older children.  At six, Bubs seemed the perfect age.  The length and topic addressed seems too complex for a three year old.   The book is divided into five chapters so it could be read in multiple settings. 
The kids loved the illustrations. 

The end of the book lists verses for "How Do I Become a Warrior Prince?"  A salvation prayer follows along with a place to write the child's name and date that he becomes a warrior prince. 

There is so much Biblical truth in this book, I can't begin to cover all of the topics woven in.  Here are a few:  standing strong, dealing with others, handling temptation, what it means to be a warrior.  The first time we read the book, I focused on how Luke dealt with satan.  We reread that "at the mention of Jesus' name, Drakon [satan] quickly ducked and slithered away."

If you have a son, nephew, grandson, or friend in the preschool or elementary age, this is a wonderful book that will reinforce what you are teaching. 

Side note:  Harvest House offers A Warrior Prince for God Curriculum for churches, VBS programs, Sunday School material, etc.  I have not reviewed the actual product but thing it could be a powerful program for a preschool or church to put on.  View a video here

Thank you to Harvest House Publishing for giving me the opportunity to tell others about this book.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE this! I'm always looking for things to use with my two boys. I think I'm going to show this to the boy Sunday school teacher at my church. Thanks, you always find such great things.


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