Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: In Harmony

In mid-December, I introduced you to the wonderful DVD, Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse Vol. 1 Expressing Yourself.  This still is a favorite of our children and I often find myself singing the songs.  I love hearing Little Man use "feelings" words to let me know what he is feeling at the moment.

In Harmony Integrated Learning Program with Speech and Music Therapy is created by some of the same speech, occupational, and music therapists.  Another amazing product to help children under the sensory and autism spectrum learn.  As I have stated before, everyday activities and learning that seems so simple to the average child must be taught and practiced with children who struggle with emotions, new situations, and language. 

In this set, you receive a 60 page book that included ideas, worksheets, and detailed directions of what to do with each song.  The CD includes all twelve songs with instrumental tracks as well.  Printable chord charts are also available.  The 120 color-coded photo flashcards correspond with the songs.

Topics covered include:  feelings, greeting people, sharing, conversations, 12 months, coins, potty training, brushing your teeth, and visiting the dentist.  The songs by themselves are fun but it is the additional materials that make this a great set.  Most single songs can be downloaded as MP3's at Amazon.  The first song - Ways to Say Hello - is also on the Kibbles DVD.  The rest of the songs are different.  The flashcards allow the child to view the topics covered in the songs as well as sequence the activities.   

I emailed one of the contributors to find out the age range on this product.  This is what I heard back:
In Harmony targets a fairly large age range depending on the ability and functioning of the child. These songs are used with kids in preschool thru elementary school but have used the songs themselves (without the flashcards) with high school students to work on social skills. For typical children (3-6) for special needs children (3-9).

Thank you to NoteAbilities for the opportunity to review this product.

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