Friday, February 4, 2011

The Not-So Joys of Facebook Part 2

Yesterday I told you about a new study on how reading friends' Facebook posts affect us.  If you missed it, be sure to click over before reading today's post. 

Here are two Facebook posts:

Facebook Status #1:  Made homemade cinnamon rolls, started a family tradition of snow icecream, worked on homemade valentine cards with daughter, played with playdoh, used shaving cream and paint as finger paint, played "babies" with my daughter, worked out with the kiddos, read more books than I count, worked on reading with two children, cleaned the floors, homemade soup in the crockpot, made homemade birthday cards, had Bible time with kiddos, song time, worked on memory verse, Memory Obstacle Course, snow time with sleds, laughter and love!

Facebook Status #2:  Stuck in the house with freezing temperatures,will Boy #3 ever obey, Boy #1 yelled at me because life wasn't going his way again, woke up to fighting children, Boy #3 purposely split his water and played in it at dinner time, the scales aren't moving as quickly as I would like, and yet another fight between the kids, Boy #3 again plays with something that he isn't supposed to, I "barfed" all over my husband with anger words about a situation out of his control, didn't spend quality time with God today, I am getting tired!

Polar opposites.  One 100% positive.  One depressing.  The truth - both posts are mine from the same period of time.  Just a different focus. 

Think back to how you felt as you read each of them.  Can you peg the emotions you felt?  Jealousy, pride, sympathy, failure, depression, encouragement?

I am reminded of two things. 
 - Ecclesiastes 3 - There is a time and place for everything.  There is a time to be excited about a productive day.  There is a time to be frustrated over the realness of life.  Are you stuck on one side of the equation?
 - Balance - Keep it between the ditches.  Are your activities of life tilting the scales?

Go back and read through your past Facebook post.  Hmmmm...
It's your turn to sound off:
Are you affected by your friends Facebook posts?
Has this post encouraged you to do something different?

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