Tuesday, February 1, 2011

66 Clouds - Bible in Word Clouds

A friend set me a link to a site that has taken the text from every book of the Bible and placed it into the website wordle.net to create a word cloud of the most frequent words (pictured above).  I was immediately inspired.  Seeing God's word in this powerful way was amazing.

I then viewed the YouTube video of the different books of the Bible and sat worshipping the amazing God that we serve.  Beyond the Bible word cloud, there is a creation for each individual book as well. 

Immediately, I contacted Brad, the creator of 66Clouds.com.  I knew he was on to something and I wanted to let the ABCJLM friends know about it. 

You can purchase the Sixty-Six Clouds Book or 11"x17" posters.  Use the book during your personal quiet time to see an easy overview of each book.  Along with the photo, you can see a "Top Frequency" list of those words most used in the book and how many times it is used.  The posters make amazing conversation pieces in your home, work, or church.  Decorate with one or a combination.  Plus the posters are only $6!!   Yes..six dollars!

If you are not familiar with word clouds don't worry.  A word cloud is a cloud shape of words with those words of more importance being larger font.  You can see a word cloud on this site to the right.  The "Categories" box contains all of the categories used on this site.  The larger the category, the larger the font.  "The significance of word clouds is that they help present the viewer with the overall gist of large bodies of written materials at a glance. They are also great conversation starters and appeal to visual-learners."  By using a site like wordle.net, you can create a word cloud for about anything.  Plug in a particular passage or a web address.  The sky is the limit on uses!  Do your own word study with any verse or chapter of the Bible.

The posters are exactly as they look on the site.  Poster thickness and clear quality.  They ship in a mailing tube so you will need to flatten them out.  I am anxious to get some frames!

Like what you see?  I knew you would.  Visit the 66clouds.com website and be sure to "Like" the Sixty-Six Clouds Facebook page

Thank you 66Clouds for giving me the opportunity to join you in spreading the amazing power of the Word.

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