Thursday, February 24, 2011

4-H - So Much More than Sheep, Cows, and Farmers 4-H

Yesterday I introduced you to 4-H.  For some of you it is a reintroduction.  Others, it was a reconfiguring of the truth vs. misconception. 

Here's a review:
1.  You do not have to live on a farm to be part of 4-H.  You child does not have to get a large animal to be part of 4-H.
2.  Don't judge 4-H by the meetings.  The meetings are such a small part anyway.
3.  Your child will develop leadership and public speaking skills.  They will learn to take initiative while being in 4-H.

Moving on...

4.  The projects are the main point of 4-H.  The sky is almost the limit on projects.  Bubs is doing bicycling, photography, and food and nutrition.  Other popular ones are crafts, sewing, fashion, livestock, woodworking, pet care, rockets...and the list goes on.  This weekend, we did the first lesson on photography where he learned how to hold the camera, the difference between landscape and portraits, and how things are bigger/smaller depending on how far away you are from the object.  Then he practiced (thank goodness for digital cameras!).  The learning occurs through hands-on experience with the guidance of an adult.  Thankfully, they have a wonderful curriculum book that we go through together.

5.  In learning their projects, the kids give demonstrations and talks on what they learn.  At our club meeting last month, a boy demonstrated how to make meringue for a pie.  So, as he learned about meringue, he practiced his public speaking, and we learned along with him!  Plus, he reinforced his learning as he taught others.

6.  It's free!  There are no dues or fees to be involved in 4-H.

7.  4-H has so many opportunities that you could literally be involved in something almost every day.  The great thing:  You can pick and choose what activities are right for your family.  We will not participate in everything but we will choose what works for us.

8.  Citizenship and community service are very important in 4-H.  I also love how 4-H can and should be a family activity.  Everyone can get involved. 

Disclaimer:  4-H is one of many wonderful activities that your child can get involved in.  What is best for one family isn't the best for another.  For right now, we believe that 4-H is an organization that can come along side our family and help mold our children into what God wants them to be.  Because of this, I will be writing about 4-H as we go along.  Whether or not you want to look into it further, I hope that it will open your eyes to opportunities available. 

To find our more about 4-H or to find a 4-H club in your area, visit the 4-H website or call your local county extension office. 

What organization if your child a part of?  What benefits do you see occuring?

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