Friday, January 7, 2011

Turning Impossible Into Possible, Part 5

Have you written down your goals?  If you are unsure of where to start, be sure and go back to Part 1 of this blog series.  To end this week, I am going to explain each of my personal goals and let you know how I plan to incorporate accountability into each for max success.

1.  God - Spend personal time in the Word every day
A few weeks ago I started a Kay Arthur study - Lord, Only You Can Change Me: A Devotional Study on Growing in Character from the Beatitudes.  I am enjoying what I am learning.  (Like with exercise, going to church, eating, etc - if you enjoy it you are more likely to make time for it!)  I will not always finish a "days" lesson but I am still in the Word and learning.  My mom is doing the study as well so accountability comes when we talk about it.

2.  Husband - Kiss and hug every day
I understand that this goal probably looks very strange.  As I have blogged before, I have an amazing husband and I praise God for our marriage.  But between discipline issues, changing diapers, and taking care of the house, I don't always take the time to make affection a priority.  In his book Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon's Crazy in Love How-To Manual, David Clarke explains that most married couples have forgotten how to kiss.  I need to keep my husband before my children.  This goal is a great reminder.  Pretty sure my husband is going to hold me accountable on this one!

3.  Children - Do three specific activities a week
I do a lot of things with our children each week but I want to add a few intentional things to our week.  Since Peanut was born just seven weeks ago, we haven't done any "school" time.  They love it and beg for the time together.  So, I want to be intentional about providing this time as well as extra activities three times a week.  These activities will come from the ABCJLM curriculum and the "Activity of the Day" (listed on the main page of the website) as well as items the kids specifically ask for.  This is where you, as the blog reader, will help hold me accountable.  I will be posting about these activities!

4.  Self - Lose baby weight + five
I am not an exerciser at heart nor do I want to take anything away from my day to add exercise in.  (Momma C does NOT run.  Period!)  But, I will feel better and have more energy when I make this happen.  A friend suggested the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD.  I have enjoyed it and love that it only takes 20 minutes a day.  My husband is an exerciser and loves to work out so he and my "clothes" will be holding me accountable on this one.  This goal has a short and long term goal - 20 minutes workout 4 times a week to lose baby weight plus five!

I have a pocket calendar that I will use to keep track of these goals.  Each month I will update you on my progress!  If I don't, will you be the one to hold me accountable?  I hope so!

Well, I think that about does it.  I hope that you have been inspired to join me!  I hope to hear from you.  You can post your progress each month as well as leave comments on this blog.

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  1. I started doing the shred DVD around this time last year. I love it and it's a great workout. However I am terribly inconsistent with exercise. I don't like to do it so I tend to do it in spurts. But I LOVE this DVD. It's fun and challenging and I love that I can tell I'm making progress each day that I workout. I get bored easily so instead of doing each level until I master it I do level 1 on Monday, 2 on Wednesday and 3 on Friday with a dance DVD in between. At least that's my goal for this year.


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