Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turning Impossible Into Possible, Part 2

Yesterday, I invited you into my world of creating my own New Year Resolutions...I mean goals.  I was excited to find an article by Joan Esherick entitled "Resolution Solutions:  6 Great Ways to Make Your Goals Stick".  In the article she lists six suggestions to turn impossible into possible.
  1. Be specific 
  2. Be realistic
  3. Include a way to measure your success
  4. Think short-term and long-term
  5. Be flexible
  6. Review periodically
As I read these, I had a déjà vu.  Suddenly, I was back in the classroom setting up behavior plans with a few students.  Then I remembered helping a friend create a sticker chart for her son.  Each time, I used these six steps.  Why is it that I can think of these things quickly when dealing with children but when it comes to me, I have these unrealistic expectations??  Praise God for grace!
Let's dive into the first three today. 
1.  Be specific. 
In dealing with children, I always remind people that success must be measurable.  No person alive can fairly give a sticker for "Be Good."  Too many variables.  Change the wording and the gray area disappears.  Here are some examples:
Pray more......spend ___ minutes on my knees each day
Read more books with my kids.....Read ____ book each day
These examples both contain the word "more".  Both "more" and "less" are hard to measure.  Change it to a specific amount.

2.  Be realistic
Yesterday I stated that I was on a roll with 10 resolutions (all containing the words more/less).  I could have gone on for days picking apart everything wrong with me.  I know right now that there are areas in my life that God is specifically working on me.  I hear the Holy Spirit.  I need to pick those few to focus on - pray about, be accountable for, ask for support, etc. 
I am not in a place in my life that I can work out for two hours, spend two solid hours in quiet time, and eat only healthy, nutritious food.  At least not do those things and be the mom, wife, and friend that I want to be.  My dear friends remind me constantly, "Give yourself grace.  God is!"  God understands that kids wake up screaming during my quiet time.  Instead I need to look for the places where God shows up in amazing ways and not put Him in a box. 

3.  Include a way to measure your success
Oops...See #1.

Tomorrow, we will cover the last three points.  Begin praying over this list and ask God to point out areas of your life that you need to let God mold. 

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