Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: The Legend of the Easter Egg

The Legend of the Easter Egg

Each holiday has its own traditions and symbols.  Easter is no different with the bunny, egg, baskets, and candy.  But do you know how these symbols got started?  I didn't.  So, I was drawn to the book The Legend of the Easter Egg in hopes that it would teach me and our kiddos!

Plot:  "One April morning, a boy and his older sister go outside to gather eggs. "Let's pretend we're hunting Easter eggs!" Lucy says. "What are Easter eggs?" Thomas wonders. Later, when Lucy falls sick, Thomas goes to stay with John and Mary Sonneman at their candy store. But all the candy he could desire does not cure Thomas's aching heart. Only when Mary Sonneman shares with him the story of Easter does he understand the hope he has--and what he can do about his sister's illness."

Momma C's Thought:
While I loved the meaning behind the Easter Egg, I felt like the storyline was a little rough. 

My Paraphrasing - The children are out hunting Easter eggs.  The next page Lucy is very sick and Thomas is taken to stay with another family. Then Thomas throws rocks at a bird.  After walking through the mud, Thomas gets his feet washed.  Thomas learns about Jesus' death.  They have a hail storm.  Thomas receives his first Easter egg. 

Finally the story of the Easter Egg:

Three days after Jesus dies, early on Sunday morning, some women came to Jesus' tomb.  They were sad.  They had come to mourn Jesus' death.  But when they arrives, they saw the stone had been rolled away from the tomb! ...Then an angel came and told the women that Jesus was not there.  He was alive!  Filled with joy and fear, the women ran to tell the other disciples. And that was the first Easter.  ...Just as a chick breaks out of an egg, so had Jesus broken free of the tomb of death.  Easter eggs remind us that Jesus conquered death and gives us eternal life.
Such a wonderful meaning but tromping through the book to get to it is hard and confusing.  Disappointing actually.

Thank you to Zonderkidz for allowing me the opportunity to review this book.

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