Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: The Beginning Reader's Bible

The Beginning Reader's Bible

We have used The Beginner's Bible for many years with our children.  After reading through it multiple times, Daddy was excited to see that I had a new Bible to review.  He began immediately using the The Beginning Reader's Bible with our children for Bible devotions

This children's Bible is a sturdy, hardcover book sized 9"x10".  A red ribbon is incorporated into the book as a bookmark.  The book is divided into three sections:  Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, and Resources to Guide Your Children. Each story contains various scripture taking from the
International Children's Bible.  Although the verses go in order, not ever verse is included.  Also added to the story pages are boxes containing Pray God's Word, Remembering God's Word, and Do God's Word.  The Resources include such things as the 10 Commandments, Books of the Bible, Memory Verse Chart, My Reading Chart, and the Prayer of Salvation.

Momma C's Thoughts:  I really like this Bible.  There are so many great things about it. 

1st - I find it really difficult to take children from a story Bible directly to a verse-by-verse Bible.  I like how this one combines both concepts to ease the transition. 

2nd - There are a section of stories from the Bible that every children's Bible contains.  This Bible doesn't stick with the norm.  It includes stories such as Rahab, Nehemiah, Boy Jesus in the Temple, and Pentecost. 

3rd - The Resource Guide is helpful, especially for parents who may not be as familiar with the Bible.  I like the Reading and Verse Charts and see how exciting it would be to fill them out with your child.  The Prayer of Salvation is simple enough for a child to understand. 

4th - This Bible is for elementary aged children.  The activities mentioned are geared that way as well.  Although suggest for ages 4-8, I would place it more for ages 6-10. 

5th - The suggested "Do God's Word" are very applicable to the lesson of the story.  They require basic items and little to no prep work.  I also appreciate how the ideas are original and not copies of everything else that you see. 

6th - The illustrations are alluring.  Beautifully detailed in a very simple way.  The colors are vibrant and inviting.  You want to look deeper into the pictures.  The people in the pictures contain different expressions and are doing different activities.  This provides for many conversations. 

7th - The book contains a beautiful contents page.  The problem is that there are no page numbers written throughout the book.  Obviously an omission and something that will probably be corrected in the next printing. 

8th - The International Children's Bible version could be a little surprising for those use to the traditional wording.  As far as I can tell, the wording does not detract from the meaning but makes it easier for a young child to understand.

Momma C's Rating:

Thank you to Booksneeze for the opportunity to review this book.

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