Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh, Our Little Man...

Our Little Man has humbled me more than any of our other children.  In his first 2 1/2 years of life, he can frustrate me to know end and yet leave me in a heap of emotions at how adorable he is!  He pulls at my heart strings as I beg God to help me remember those endearing moments.  He is a challenge like no other and has left many people telling me, "I am surprised you had a fourth child!"  (No lie!)

Those of you who have followed this blog know that Bubs has been no cakewalk.  I cried my eyes out on more than one occasion because I didn't know what do to.  For four years, I didn't know how to help my son. 

What is the difference, you ask?  Huge!  Let me try to explain...

Bubs has control issues.  This six year old struggles to correctly process the things going on around him.  From about 18 months of age, I knew there was something seriously wrong.  I quickly realized that we weren't dealing with just a strong-willed child.  There was something much bigger going on.  It something that discipline wasn't going to correct.  He was out of control and he (nor his Mommy) didn't know how to help himself.  Long story short, our pediatrician suggested Occupational Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder.  Bubs is a different child now.  Together we have learned how to gain control over what life throws his senses.  He has learned how to read what his body needs.  I have learned to watch for trigger points and then guide him to do what he needs to correctly respond.  The difference in Bubs is huge! 

Little Man on the other hand struggles with making good choices.  Our spirited guy allows his curiosity to get him in trouble all of the time.  He struggles big time going directly from point A to point B.  There is almost always something in between that pulls him away.  His energy level is unreal.  As far as conversation and comprehension, he really is too smart for his own good.  He talks like a child a year old than his age.  When Little Man gets into a bad pattern, he is going to make sure he takes everything and everyone down with him.  He has defied most parenting books and has won battles against most adults in his path. 

While there are so many similarities, how I handle the two boys are very different.  Bubs felt out of control inside.  I needed professional help to give him the sensory input and help that he needed.  Little Man is a busy toddler who needs structure, consistency, and lots of patience. 

Yesterday, I introduced you to one of the battles that Little Man and I face throughout the day.  This week, I will be blogging about more battles, what I am learning through this, and discipline tips that I have picked up along the way. 

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