Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping Shoes and Socks on in the Car

As I type, Little Man is buckled up in his car seat in the garage.  He thought it was really cool to take off his shoes and socks (which he knows not to do).  While that is a lot of fun, it makes life much harder for Mommy.  With the temperatures bordering frigid, I have no desire to stand outside to put his shoes and socks on before taking him out of his car seat.  So, I expressed to him how sad it was that he took them off.  Also, only boys and girls who have their socks and shoes on are able to get out of their car seat and come in the house.  When he is ready, he can come inside as well!

So, he was been handed his shoes and socks.  He thought it would be really cool to throw them down.  Sadly, Mommy doesn't work on his time table and didn't have time to give him his socks and shoes again at that moment.  A few minutes later, I returned to give him the supplies he needed.  Oops, threw them.  Guess I will have to come back later. 

This time they didn't get thrown.  When I returned his attitude was different.  Also both socks and shoes were put on. 

For some reason, Little Man didn't put much of a fight up today.  I was prepared for much, much longer.  But I am very happy for the success.  We'll see if he keeps his socks and shoes on tomorrow!

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