Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jelly Telly Update

I love hearing from ABCJLM users and friends.  A few days ago, I received this comment on the blog post about Jelly Telly.  In my post, I had a few questions concerning the Phil Vischer website.  Joe took the time to not only figure out the answers but share them with us.  Thank you Joe for taking the time to bless us with the information.  Be sure to check out the links below to learn more.

Hello, Momma C.

I am a father of three young sons. My wife and I also have many nieces and nephews across our extended families and close friends, including some with challenges and blessings similar to yours. I am impressed with the content and purpose of your blog and other related sites. Most impressive is how relevant, up-to-date, and real it is (this coming from one who is NOT on Facebook and who remains skeptical of the Internet overall!).

I just stumbled across your blog spot in search of an answer to the same question you recently posted above regarding monthly subscription costs for Jelly Telly. Without officially registering myself due to concerns that are likely the same as your own (i.e., what am I about to commit to before I actually sign up?), I supply the following two web links as an answer.

The bottom line answer is that JellyTelly accepts any regular monthly amount you feel is acceptable for such a program and its content. The first web link is an article that, although two years old, helps explain this marketing idea more thoroughly.

The second link is a comment by creator Phil Vischer, posted on his blog only five days after your own question entry above. He implies some mixed feelings about this payment approach and, for full disclosure, announces a second "beta" Jelly Telly children's web site. My first impression of this second site is that it is equally as good as the original for our children and perhaps has even more content items. Currently this site does not ask for monthly payments, but the user has an option to give donations online. Additionally, no registration appears necessary unless you want to receive the site's newletter.

I hope this can help you and others with the same question. Thanks to you, your husband, and children for continuing to show each of us how normal an out-of-sync-but-in-Christ life can be!

May the Lord be with you,
Joe in Virginia

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