Friday, January 7, 2011


Sin and Forgiveness 

This is an activity that I came up with to discuss forgiveness.  This activity has been added to Week 8 of the 4 Year Curriculum's study of Joseph and Forgiveness

Gather black pompoms and print off the Heart Template.  Discuss that sin is the bad choices we make.  Sin is like black spots on our heart.  Take turns naming a sin that we struggle with (lying, stealing, having a bad attitude, etc.) and place a black pom-pom on the heart each time.  Once the heart is covered with sin discuss how God is unable to look upon our sin.  We need to ask God's forgiveness to remove the "yuck" on our heart.  Remove a pompom one at a time while saying, "God please forgive me for ____."  Once the pompoms are gathered, discuss how God removes our sin, forgives us, and turns our heart white as snow (Ps. 51:7). 

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