Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Explaining "Fishers of Men"

If you are keeping up with the ABCJLM Curriculum, this is Week 20 and the 3 Year Curriculum is covering the Bible story "12 Disciples".  In both the he song and story, the words "fishers of men" are used.  This is a play on words and hard to understand and thus teach.  Here is a little tag that can be added to your story time.
Do you remember in our story that Jesus told these men to be “fishers of men?”   These men were all fishermen but fishing for men?  What does this mean?  Jesus meant that instead of catching fish, these men were going to be telling people about God.  They would be inviting them to follow Jesus as well.  So instead of catching fish, the twelve disciples would be catching men for Jesus which is much more important than catching a fish!

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