Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Jumpin' Jelly Beans

Jumpin' Jellybeans
Jumpin' Jellybeans is another CD suggested in the The Autism Sisterhood: A (brief) Manual

All of the songs on this CD are written by Genevieve Jereb.  She is an Australian-born pediatric occupational therapist who presents on sensory processing disorders world wide and online. According to her website - - Genevieve is an "international speaker and most known for her course, Getting Kids in Sync -- recently renamed, The Traffic Jam in My Brain -- an empowering and practical workshop for professionals and parents who work with children with special learning differences, highlighting the use of rhythmicity, respiration, relationship, play and movement."

Included on this CD are 19 fun, rhythmic, activity songs specifically written for children struggling with Sensory Processing Disorders.   The CD booklet not only contains the words to the songs but actions and a specific goal. 

Momma C's Thoughts:  This is Sweet Pea's favorite CD right now.  She listens to it during her quiet time and requests it during playtime in the mornings.  The songs are very catchy and fun to listen to.  I thought I was holding in my hand just another children's CD of songs.  But then I opened the Cd case.  To me the real jewel is with the CD booklet.  Although it is a fun CD to just listen to, doing the suggestions given in the booklet is what makes this CD stand out.  On this CD, the "goal" of most of the songs is to enhance body awareness.  Several specifically work on left and right discrimination. Because I wasn't expecting it, the Australian accent took me by surprise.  By the second song you don't even notice it anymore.

There is a huge correlation between music and children with sensory and autistic issues.  Only God knows how, but music opens up the world to these children who are stuck.  The children think they are singing fun songs while actually therapy is occurring!While the songs are fun by themselves, a child alone will never take this CD to its full potential.  The benefit will only come when an adult takes the child through each song - demonstrating the movements and assisting the child in the goal addressed.  Jumpin' Jellybeans would be wonderful in a therapy situation, music class (for all children), and in a home where a parent is willing to do the movements as well.  Don't worry...all of the actions are simply laid out for you. 

Momma C's Rating:

Thank you to for giving me the opportunity to review this CD.

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