Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: Howie Series I Can Read

Howie Goes Shopping (I Can Read! / Howie Series)    Howie Finds a Hug (I Can Read! / Howie Series)

The Howie series is the second post of the Zondervan "I Can Read" series.  If you read my review on the Mrs. Rosey Posey series, you will remember that I am currently looking for books that Bubs and I can read together.  The Howie series is actually part of the "My First - Shared Reading" series.  There is a lot more repetition and reads more like an early reader book.

I reviewed all four books in the series:Howie Finds a Hug (I Can Read! / Howie Series)
Howie Goes Shopping (I Can Read! / Howie Series)Howie Wants to Play / Fido quiere jugar (I Can Read! / Howie Series / Yo se leer! / Serie: Fido)
Howie's Tea Party (I Can Read! / Howie Series)

Of the books that I read, three of the four were written both in English and Spanish.  Each page contained both languages - English on top, Spanish (written in blue) on the bottom.  This would be wonderful for those who are bilingual or teaching children both languages.

Momma C's Thoughts:
The plot of these books weren't my favorite.  I felt like the majority of the time Howie's family was yelling at him for running away, making a mess, or not obeying and then the family suddenly loves on him the last two pages of the book.  I understand that repetition is needed but the plot left me feeling down instead of smiling.  I personally would suggest the Biscuit Books by Alyssa Satin Capucilli.  Same type of plot and reading level but a positive and fun feeling. 

Thank you to Zondervan for providing me with the opportunity to review these products.

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