Monday, December 6, 2010

Review and Giveaway: Ruby and Rocket

Ruby and Rocket (Guest in the Garden)

My favorite part about the brand new book Ruby and Rocket (Guest in the Garden) is that it isn't just a carbon copy of every other children's book.  Let me tell you, it is refreshing!

As a Master Gardener, Dawn Denton opens the eyes of children to the beauty of God's creation though the use of sibling-hummingbirds Ruby and Rocket.  While these two hummingbirds fly around the garden, children are introduced to different flowers as well as the characteristics of a hummingbird. 

Weaved among the learning is a storyline about a brother who doesn't heed his mother's instructions to "eat often to keep up his strength."  Ruby notices that Rocket's energy is tapering and by example helps him see his need before it is too late. 

As a huge bonus, this book is available in a downloadable audio form for free.  Each book contains a coupon code.  Simply visit the website listed in the back of the book to enter the code to listen to the author read the book.  You can listen through the website or download to your computer, a CD, or a portable music device.  A special musical chime is rung to let the child know it is time to turn the page.  Books on tape (which is what they used to be called) are great for quiet time or traveling in the car. 

Momma C's Thoughts: 
Because the sentences and pages are longer, this book is geared toward older preschool and elementary aged children.  If you have even the smallest amount of love of gardening or flowers, this will be a fun book to read with your child or grandchild.  Teachers could also use it in a classroom setting.  After reading, visit a garden or take a walk in a park that is filled with flowers.  To extend the learning, point out the specific things learned about in this book.  After hearing the book read several times from you, older children will enjoy listening to Mrs. Denton read it as well!

Momma C's Rating:

Giveaway:  Just in time for Christmas, you can have your own copy of this delightful read.  The first person to place a donation to receive both the 3 and 4 Year ABCJLM Curriculum in Book Form will also receive a free copy of Ruby and Rocket (Guest in the Garden)!  Simply include the title "Ruby and Rockets" in your order or in the address confirmation email.

Thank you to Mrs. Denton for giving me the opportunity to review this book!

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