Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making Memories

Several months ago I mentioned that my mom gave me a 1993 issue of Shining Star magazine.  Included in this issue is an excerpt from Jody Capehart's book - Cherishing and Challenging Your Children.  The article called "Making Meaningful Memories", contains practical tips to create family traditions and memories throughout the year.  Here is an excerpt from this article. 

Christmas is a wonderful time to establish traditions.  Each month, I will be featuring suggestions from this article and Ms. Capehart's book.  Stay tune for January ideas!

Ms. Capehart claims "traditions are formed by returning to certain repeated patterns, and memories are made by looking back.  Thus the beauty of traditions and memories lies in the reflecting process."
Meaningful memories occur on a regular basis. 

Daily - Spend time with each child reflecting and remembering the day.  Read, talk, snuggle, and pray.  This becomes a wonderful memory for you that your child will have forever.  {Daddy spends his time with each child at bedtime.  Our kiddos love those few minutes when Daddy lies in bed with them each evening.} 

Weekly - Do somethign alone with each child even if it's simply going to the grocery store.  Children love to be alone with their parents, and they change when they are alone with us.  They are much more mature and willing to communicate what is really going on inside of them. {Amen!}

Monthly - Try to do something special alone with each child that he or she has selected.  It really shows how important they are to us when we are willing to do what they want.  This does NOT have to cost money.  In fact, our best memories are ones which did NOT cost money.  Consider giving coupons to your child written on a 3"x5" note card:  Angela gets two hours alone with Mommy to do whatever she wants to do.

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