Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making Magnificent Marble Mag

Image Source (permission granted)

A very crafty friend of mine created these Making Magnificent Marble Magnets.  These would make great Christmas gifts for teachers and friends a like.  Thank you Tina for letting me share this!  Be sure to click on the link to find detailed instructions with pictures.

Items needed:
old magazines or catalogs or scrapbook paper
Magnetic Buttons

flat marbles (clear work best)

Craft Hole Punch or scrapbooking circle cutter or scissors
glue or Mod Podge

1) Find an image you want to make into a magnet.  Test it out with a marble to make sure that the image will be appealing and that you can tell what it is. The marbles magnify the image and you would be amazed at what tiny images work perfectly for this project.  (I saw a great idea on Google to use the days of the week.  You could also use the names of your family members.)

2) Hole punch or cut out your image.  I turn my punch upside down so I can see exactly what is going to be punched.

3) Get a magnet and put a small drop of glue on it.

4) Put your hole-punched image on the glue and move it around a little to spread out the glue.

5) Put another drop of glue on top of the image (it dries clear).

6) Put the marble on top of the image and the glue will spread out perfectly.

7) Let dry.
While this is an activity that probably couldn't be done by a child alone, get them involved by having them find pictures and add a drop of glue. 

What images would you put behind the marbles?

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