Monday, December 27, 2010

January: Making Memories

Several months ago I mentioned that my mom gave me a 1993 issue of Shining Star magazine.  Included in this issue is an excerpt from Jody Capehart's book - Cherishing and Challenging Your Children.  The article called "Making Meaningful Memories", contains practical tips to create family traditions and memories throughout the year.  Each month, I will be featuring suggestions from this article and Ms. Capehart's book. 

1.  On New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, reflect on the many ways that the Lord has blessed you this past year.  Write out goals and prayer requests for the new year.  Make a list together of fun things that you would like to do in the new year as a family.  Put this list on the refrigerator and work them into your family time.  For example:

 - Adventures - Make up some neat ones.
 - Books - Write a list of ones you want to read.
 - Church  - What can we do fro our church family as a family together?
 - Drama - Make up a play together.
 - Games - Decide which ones you want to play as a family.

2.  Snow day parties are also fun.  Play outside with the children and then come in and make cookies and drink hot apple cider in front of the fire.

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  1. I think the thing I miss most about the snow, besides the beauty of watching it fall from the warm cozy comfort of my home, is SNOW DAYS! taking the day off so the kids can play in the snow (me too, but I'm too old to enjoy it like them), then snuggling up with hot cocoa and a movie.

    I look forward to the rest of your ideas. Our favorite tradition on holidays is finding a new thing to do. Each year we try something new. Like this year we learned about hanukkah and the foods that go with it! it's a great fit for my ASD boys- it gives them a tradition and gives them something new. (they love the tradition/ counting on the same thing, but also get bored easily and like to have as much control as possible- so they get to choose what new things we do)


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