Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Activities

Here are a few ideas listed on the ABCJLM Thanksgiving page:

• Before the Thanksgiving meal, have everyone tell one thing that they are thankful for.
Other similar ideas - Kernels of Thanks, Blessing Turkey
• Prepare "Thankful Baskets" of goodies for people who you are thankful for. Include a note of thanks.
• Create a collage of items in which you are thankful. Draw or cut out pictures of the items.
• Create "Hand Turkeys" by either drawing around a child's hand or dipping it into paint. Add eyes and a mouth to the "thumb".
• Play Silly Turkey - a fun little computer activity on
• Start on the Handprint and Footprint Calendar - Use the November page as a Thanksgiving craft

More info is provided on the link above.
Have Thanksgiving Traditions that you want to share?

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  1. When our oldest was in college, we encouraged her to invite any friends home who could not make it home for Thanksgiving (we're in NH and she was in college in Boston). And she did!
    Now, almost 2 years later, she's still inviting people up. She still lives in the Boston area. This year we have 7 joining us for dinner and 1 for desserts later in the day.
    I'm thankful that being together with friends and family is important to my children!
    Ms cheryl


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