Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am Overwhelmed!!!

I received this sweet note from a Mommy with 3 kids ages 5 months to 4 years old.  As moms we all get overwhelmed with all of the tasks that need to be done.   I bet you can relate!
How do you find the time between laundry, dishes, cooking and surviving to accomplish everything on the daily lesson plans? I feel overwhelmed at the idea of being organized enough to accomplish it all. Any suggestions on how you make it work?
Between school, playing with the kiddos, spending time with hubby - where does the house fit in?  I mean we all still need to eat and have clean clothes!  Here are a few things that I have learned.  Please add to my ideas by leaving a comment below!

- Lower expectations - My idea of a clean house had to change from "clean" to "picked up."  It isn't that I don't still dust and vacuum but it isn't nearly as often as it used to be or as I would like.

- Get your kiddos involved - My kids love to help with the house when I make it fun.  Give them all dust rags or a squirt bottle filled with water to clean the bathroom. 

- Family "rule" - No new toys out until old toys are put away.  This has helped tremendously.  My goal is to be able to have a picked-up house in 15 minutes.  That means if someone would call and say they are coming over that we can have the house looking presentable in 15 minutes.  I realize that sounds crazy but this really is doable.

- Put things away the first time - My kitchen island and computer desk are my catch all.  Other than that, I try to put items away correctly instead of "moving them" to other places. 

- A clean house is easier to keep clean.  About once a month, a Boz video is put on for the kiddos so that I can just get my head above the water.  This is okay!  Give yourself permission.

- Freezing meals - This is one of my ultimate lifesavers.  Whenever I make a meal, I typically make one or two extra ones to freeze.  Honestly, it doesn't take much more time and the mess is the same.

- Everything needs its own space - I know that the latest organizing articles and websites refute this.  I disagree.  If you don't have a home for everything that where does it go?  Also, everyone in your family needs to know where that "home" is.

- Get up before your kids do - This is hard if you are nursing and with very little ones but our kiddos aren't allowed out of their room until 7:00.  I get up at 6:00 to get ready for the day, answer emails, and have my quiet time.  When I am ready for the day, the entire day goes better. 

- Be realistic about your to-do list and give yourself grace - Remember what is important in life.  Understand that God has placed you as a Mommy and life isn't going to predictable or neat and tidy. 

- Start the week out on the right foot - Weekends are important times for me to catch my breath.  If I go to bed on Sunday nights with dirty dishes and laundry in baskets, my whole week is off. 

- Get rid of clutter - You can have too many toys and too much stuff.  If you don't have room for it, put it in the attic and rotate or give it away.  You can't stay on top of things if you have too much!

Please understand that even though my head understands all of these items listed, my heart doesn't always follow. I still have meltdowns or lose it over the smallest things. It's it crazy how out of the blue the floor MUST be scrubbed!  It was fine just a few minutes ago but not now.  I know you understand.

What are your survival tips?  Please share!


  1. Here's my tip: Have a set 'family chore' time -- we choose around 2:30, set the timer for 30 minutes and everyone has to help clean up. You'd be amazed at what can get done, and how happy the kids are to help for a desginated amount of time! Thanks for the tips!


  2. We play The House Game. I made game tokens, one for each room of the house plus extra ones which say read a book (several of these), play a game, sing a song, table time, and a special star token. We each pick a token and then we do what it says. It is me and the 2 boys playing so we choose 3 tokens each time. Say we choose yellow bathroom, kitchen and read a book, then we all work together to straighten the bathroom and kitchen and then sit down to read a book. Whoever picks the star gets to choose whatever they want to do and we do that all together. It may be color together or read a book or play outside. When all the tokens have been chosen the whole house is straight and we have spent some fun time together too! My boys actually ask to play this game!!

  3. LOVE the ideas! Thank you!!!!

  4. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    I especially like the cooking extra. It works so well and, like you said, doesn't really take any more time to do. I need to do this again; it is so nice to have ready made meals in the freezer for those hectic days--and it saves lots of money!


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