Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Charlie Church Mouse Preschool Computer Game

Preschool:Charlie Church Mouse

Love, love, love!  My kids love, love, love. 

My mom found the Charlie Church Mouse computer programs for us.  After trying one of the Cd-Rom's, I contacted the company to review the rest of the programs that they have available.  I knew that we had found a good thing.

The Charlie Church Mouse Preschool Cd is geared for kids ages 2-4.  Although Little Man is two, he is quite a ways off from being able to do this program alone.  The child must be able to handle a mouse proficiently.  He does love to watch as his brother and sister are playing.  I would say this would only work for two-year-olds with an adult running the mouse. 

There are six Bible stories included on this CD-Rom. 
    - Creation
    - Noah's Ark
    - Jonah and the Whale
    - Three Wise Men
    - Parable of the Lost Coin
    - Fishes and Loaves

The child hears the Bible story and then has an activity to help the characters of the story.  For example...with Noah's Ark, the child has to choose the correct set of animals to put in the ark.  There are also great coloring sheets to print off for each Bible story.

Each of the games work on different education concepts:
    - Colors
    - Shapes
    - Numbers and Letters
    - Counting
    - Matching
    - Spatial relations
    - Listening skills
    - Problem solving
    - Mouse skills

There are two different levels to each game with the second level games being a little harder and faster. 

My kids beg to play and we use this as part of our school time.  Bubs referenced a Bible story last night during devotions from this computer game.  Hiding God's Word in their hearts in a fun and educational way.   I have already added the creation game to the 3 Year Curriculum. The other Bible stories have been added as appropriate. 

Please understand that at this price, these are not state of the art graphics. The graphics are simple and nice for the target age group.

On you can view videos and download excerpts from the games.  Not only will you want this program for your kids, you will purchase additional copies to give away.  I have already gotten several copies to give as Christmas gifts.  This product is also available at

Thank you to LB Games for giving me the opportunity to review this product.


  1. Thanks for the review! I just saw these at Ollie's! I now will have to go back and get them!:) Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for suggesting this game! I bought a combined preschool, kindergarten and elementary, I am so glad I did, great for my twin girls age four and my son age 3!


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