Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We have taken a dip south these past few days with Bubs. The fits have returned filled with anger, disrespect, and yelling. Bubs is making choices that he wouldn’t normally choose. Things that he would never do – on those good weeks – he is trying. So, we send him to his “space” to get control and think about his choices.

Two things really frustrate me about this. First of all, I can’t spend “enough” time with him to fix the problem. Sometimes I wonder if he just needs more of my undivided attention. So I up the amount of alone time that we have together. But I get discouraged because that doesn’t seem to help. Yesterday we sat down and read for an hour while the other kids took naps. This is above and beyond the normal amount of time that we spend playing. Secondly, he does things totally out of the ordinary. It is kind of like he is trying to figure out cause and effect. “If I do this….what is going to happen?”

I am reminded that no matter how frustrated I get, this is a million times better than what it used to be. We will get through this and hopefully he will learn more control and acceptable ways to help himself in the process.

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