Friday, June 12, 2009


After being married for several years, God blessed us with the dream of a baby boy. Although the pregnancy was filled with bumps, everything looked perfect going into the birth of our son. It was almost immediately after the birth that things started to spiral out of normalcy.

To make a long story short, we spent the first month of our son's life in a children's hospital. After so much prayer and trials, we finally brought our bundle of joy home. The future looked nothing short of a miracle. Normal life with normal activities...

Five years later, one would never know the start our precious son had just by looking at him. The problem is that no one told us the other issues that can come from spending a month in a NICU. No one prepared us for the issues that would follow - speech delays, learning difficulties, and sensory disorders.

Bubs is our loving child. The one who loves to kiss his Mommy good night. He is also our compassionate child; caring for others in such a tender way.

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