Saturday, May 2, 2009

Early Intervention

A sweet Mom emailed me concerning her child and using the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum. I appreciated so much her desire to do what is best for her son. She reminded me of a blog that I need to do!

I believe whole hardily in two things - Early Intervention and not sending kids to Kindergarten just because they meet the cutoff date. These things are controversial and these are strictly my opinion.

Early Intervention is so important for children who are struggling to learn, speak, have behavior issues, etc. Getting early intervention means that you get assistance for a child before they get into Kindergarten. If your child is struggling, talk to your pediatrician. If you pediatrician dismisses it, then call your local school to find out about the early intervention options into your area. Praise God that Moms have a "Mommy intuition". I knew in my heart of hearts that the issues that we dealt with with Bubs were not typical issues. Even after various people dismissed it, I keep searching. It is the early intervention that has helped him progress so quickly.

Kindergarten cut off dates are there for the schools. It does not mean that you have to send your child. I encourage all parents of those children close to the cut off date to truly evaluate the particular child and situation. Please do not send a child to Kindergarten just because it saves money on daycare. If you are concerned, call the school and have the child evaluated to see what a Kindergarten teacher feels would be best for your child. School is hard enough on a child. I realize that this is controversial and every situation is unique. But, if you have a chance to start a child out ahead rather than behind, please consider it.

Read more about my views on Kindergarten and why we have/will red shirt two of our boys.  

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  1. I agree that about getting your children "early intervention"! I am in the process of getting my son to a speech therapist .. as I don't want him struggling when he is of kindergarten age.


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