Friday, May 1, 2009

Confessions of a Mom

This is a blog that I maybe should have written a while back but didn't realize the importance of it...

A year ago, I started the curriculum at ABC Jesus Loves Me. I was excited to use the curriculum to the full extend starting last August. We were going strong until we realized how far behind Bubs really was in his fine motor skills and visual perception. Praise God for our pediatrician who helped us find these issues. Even with us working on things, the "learning" wasn't occurring as fast as I believed it should be. I thought that we just needed to keep on keeping on!

After being tested and learning that his fine motor skills was at a 1st percentile, the curriculum got put on hold. We were given specific activities from our therapist to work on. Since I believe so hardily in letting preschoolers be kids, I did not feel that doing the OT stuff as well as the curriculum would be good for Bubs. I had to step back from the situation and really look at our priorities.

I say all of this to tell you that there are times when you have to step back. We had holes in Bubs' learning that had to be filled before he could learn to write his letters. Even though, I still felt the invisible pressure that my child should be doing normal preschool stuff. But sometimes I have to stop by agenda and do what it best for my child!

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