Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is He Seeing?

I have had several people ask me about Bubs' visual perception issues. The best way that I can explain it is to say that the hardware is all there (his eyes work correctly) but the software is having malfunctions (what he sees is not translating to his brain correctly.) I believe that this is much more common than teachers realize. Could you imagine trying to read when every letter that you see is messed up?
The second question that I get asked is "What is he seeing?" Good question. We haven't totally figured it out. We know that he sees diagonal lines backwards and most shapes backwards. We are working to correct that. The other we aren't so sure about. There is some "closure" issues but we are unsure about these exactly. For example: If Bubs has to chose the same drawing from a list of different drawings, he chooses the one the has one line missing or is not closed.
Through the use of visual perception worksheets we are hoping to fix these things in his brain. Secondly we are working train his brain to see the right thing by putting objects in a bag and letting him feel them.
The journey continues!

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