Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking Back

You know that list that you have of things that you want to ask God? Mine is pretty long actually. But one of the questions that I have is "why was Bubs my first born?" The reason why I wonder this is because there are so many things that I would have done differently if I would have known. I know that I have high expectations for our children, but I have even higher for Bubs because he is my eldest. I also know that things that Bubs did should have been a red flag but I didn't see it.
One of the things that I have noticed is food on the face. When Sweet Pea or Little Man get food on their face, they use their fist to push it in. Bubs rarely knows he has food on his face. Having a running nose is the same way. Bubs would not touch baby food. I know realize that that was probably a sensory issue. All three of our children are stubborn but I have now realized that Bubs' wasn't as much stubborness as it was him being out of control and unable to calm down.
I was talking to a friend about this and she said, "God doesn't make a mistake."

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