Friday, April 17, 2009

God, Thank You

While working on our visual perception worksheets this morning, Bubs wrote on his shirt with a dry erase marker. (We use plastic covers on the worksheets so that they can be used over and over again.) If you have ever marked on your clothes with a dry erase marker, you know that it does not come out. I immediately sprayed it but knew that it was a lost cause.
We talk about being careful with markers and keeping the lids on them. So, after the shirt came out of the washer/dryer, I showed it to Bubs so he saw that it really does not come out. I told him that I was thankful it came out as well as it did. While I walked away to fold more laundry, I heard this:
Dear God, thank you for our washing machine and for how it made some of it come off my shirt.
Truly, it is just a shirt. Isn't even a very good one. Thank you God that you use my little Bubs to help me prioritize my life.

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