Thursday, March 26, 2009

Go Bubs!!

As you know, Bubs really struggles with phonetic awareness. We started the computer program Earobics with the hopes of improving these issues to eventually help him learn to read. And it is working!!!!

Before starting the program I would sound out a word for Bubs and he would be unable to put the word together.

Yesterday, Daddy and I communicated by spelling out the word b-a-t-h. Bubs wanted to know what we were saying. I asked him what sound a "b" makes. Then we moved on to "a". I explained that "th" creates a /th/ sound. For the first time ever - Bubs put the word together!!!!

We were so excited and thankful for the progress that we are seeing.

Dear Lord, thank You for leading us to this computer program and for the progress that we are seeing. I ask Lord that You would bless Chad for the hard work that he is doing. Continue to give us wisdom so that we know how we can help him. In Jesus' name - Amen.

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