Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Full Moon Indeed

We are up to our armpits in rotten attitude and disrespectful attitude. Bubs is really struggling to stay in control and keeping his words loving. He struggled at therapy today with focus and diligent work. It has been a tough few days to say the least. Bubs continues to be very mean to his siblings at times. In some ways, I believe the attitude and disrespect is the worst it has ever been. The crying is much better for a "bad" period which is helpful.

Thankfully we are getting reinforcement tomorrow in the form of company and that will give us a much needed break. I find that my patience, kindness, and love can be very limited during times like these.

Dear Lord, I ask for forgiveness in my lack of love and patience in helping Bubs through this tough time. Please help me to "do everything in love". I ask that You would help Bubs right now to be in control. Soften his heart to accept the love we want to give him yet he pushes away. Lord, give us the strength to be consistent and not give up. In Jesus' name...

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