Monday, March 9, 2009

Full Moon A-Comin'

We are having some tough times around our household right now. Bubs continues to really be struggling with attitude, emotions, focus, and choices. Daddy said that it makes us appreciate when Bubs is doing well.

I have noticed that there are several behaviors that pop up at times when Bubs is struggling:
- yelling
- lots of crying
- wants to constantly touch others (especially siblings)
- becomes a big boss to sister
- focus is very hard
- "can't" do anything, too hard
- night crying
- disrespect to Mommy
- unpredictable

Thankfully the weather has been beautiful so Bubs has been able to jump on the trampoline a lot.

I do feel like this time it is more manageable because we had time to get our strength back up after the last down time. Also, I feel we have a better sense of what to do. We struggle with knowing what is sensory and what is poor behavior. But no matter what the reason is, there are things that are not tolerated in our home. I know that I can immediately send Bubs to his calming place in his closet where he can hug his bears, read books, and color. Bubs knows that he is welcome to come back and join us when he is in control.

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