Sunday, March 15, 2009


Earobics Step 1 Home Version: Sound Foundations for Reading & Spelling

Bubs has trouble with listening as well as distinguishing sounds. Our occupational therapist suggested the computer program "Earobics". She used it with her own daughter and had great success. After looking at it, I was sold immediately. This is a WONDERFUL program. Bubs spends 15 minutes a day using the program.

The "clown" game plays different sounds and the child has to remember what sounds were played, and in what order.

The "train" game plays different vowel sounds. The child decides whether the sounds are the same or different.

The "frog" game requires the child to listen to words that have the same sound.

The "farmer" game instructs the child to decide if the sound is the same or different.

The "drummer" game asked the child to tap back the amount of drum beats that they heard.

The "caterpillar" game breaks words into single consonants and the child choices what word was said.

Here are some of favorite features:
-The program progresses or digresses as the child gets answers correct/incorrect.
-The sound is easily understood.
-I don't have to be there 100% of the time while he works on the program.
-These activities will prepare Bubs for reading as well as increase his listening ability.

Amazon description: Earobics is an excellent tool for teaching the phonological awareness and auditory processing skills that learning experts recognize as critical for learning how to read, speak and spell. Six fun interactive games with 309 levels deliver extensive training and practice. The software automatically adjusts to the appropriate skill level of the user based on the correctness of their responses. Earobics uses adaptive training and acoustically modified speech and carefully controls important learning variables. Designed for 2 players and a guest. Recommended for ages 4-7.

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