Saturday, February 28, 2009


Stamina InTONE Jogger with Handlebar Plus Jogger Workout DVD     Aosom 15' Trampoline with Safty Net Enclosure Combo

One of the first things that the OT told us to get was a trampoline. Our pediatrician echoed this purchase as well. The jumping on a trampoline engages the brain. It also is a WONDERFUL calmer for Bubs when he is having trouble.

The suggestion was for a mini trampoline which we have when the weather is cold but we were also blessed by a 12' trampoline as a gift. What a blessing it has been. When Bubs is having a rough day, I send him to the trampoline. He zips up the netting and jumps around. He has recently added balls to his jumping. He throws a ball up and then jumps to where it comes down. (Remember how just 5 months ago he wouldn't touch a ball!!)

We are looking forward to the weather staying warmer so that he can use it everyday.

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