Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missed Signs?

Now that I look back on Bub's little life, I see more and more things that just weren't like our other children. I realize now that they were sensory in nature. But he is our first and I didn't know!

Bubs did NOT eat baby food. We tried several times but he would not eat baby cereal or smashed up real food. He went straight to the small bits of really food of which he could pick up on his own. I realize now that it was probably a texture thing.

On his exersaucer is a spinning wheel with little beads in it. I will admit, it is loud. Bubs would scream when it spun. We ended up taping it still so that he or someone else wouldn't accidentally spin it. Even four years ago, he was sensitive to loud noises. BTW, our other children have spun it without any issues.

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