Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kisses Mommy?

You know when you have those moments with your child that you truly want to freeze time? You want to hold on to that moment and never let it go. Those of you who have kids will disabilities, you understand that those moments are even more precious.

Last weekend, Bubs was introduced to butterfly kisses. These eyelash kisses were made popular about 13 years ago with a song titled "Butterfly Kisses." He was also reintroduced to Eskimo kisses. As a baby, I would do nose kisses with Bubs after diaper changes and say "Eskimo kisses with my baby." Today Bubs wanted to share some kisses. We practiced the various kisses and giggled through the moments.

Then tonight, Bubs came up to me to tell me goodnight. He leaned in and gave me butterfly kisses. Then he lined up for Eskimo kisses. Then he kissed my check. "Goodnight Mommy."

Dear Lord, may I reminded of this moment when we are in the heat of emotions. Please give me many more Eskimo kisses with my baby.

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