Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a Late Bloomer?

When we started Bubs with OT, we had several people comment on our decision. One of the comments we received came by way of a Mom of three children. Her suggestion was that we just wait because Bubs might be a late bloomer like her son was.

Last night, my husband and I were talking about that exact comment while thinking through the changes we have seen in Bubs in the last 5 months since starting therapy.

Here are a few changes that we are seeing. He is:
- trying new things
- coloring more
- playing with blocks more
- not having as many bad days
- not as afraid of loud sounds
- getting control of his emotions better

This may all be a fluke. It might be that Bubs just needed to be 4 1/2 for things to get better. We could have waited. But...

What if it wasn't just a maturity issue? What if we let it go and time didn't fix it? What if he just got further behind?

We decided last night that we made the right choice. Even if it was a fluke, it was worth the price to see the improvements in our little man.

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