Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here We Go Again

We knew that our "great" days weren't going to last forever. The signs showed that it would be over soon. Bubs has been waking up in the middle of the night just bawling. I truly believe he doesn't know why he is doing this but just can't stop. Bubs has been all over his little brother - just smothering him with kisses and hugs. Thirdly, Bubs has been impulsive with his body by hitting at things.

This morning he woke up crying. Have no idea over what or why. He was shouting "no" over and over while in his room. I walked to the door and reminded him that he has a safe place to scream in his pillow and a wrong place to scream. He didn't stop crying but the screaming quit. Eventually he walked out of his room carrying his bear. The first thing I said to him caused him to burst into tears and run to his room for refuge. I knew better than to talk to him but I wanted to tell him good morning!

Tonight he had another outburst. Daddy tried to figure out what it was over. Bubs just said that sometimes he cries.

Growth spurt?? Too tired???

Truly today hasn't been that bad. As bad as it could have been. We will see how tomorrow goes...

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