Tuesday, February 3, 2009


One of the toughest things that I deal with everyday is the question of whether I handled a situation correctly. I have never doubted my decisions so much until Bubs was born. Because normal discipline and motivation doesn't work with him, I have to think differently when working with him.
Today, we had company and Bubs was way silly and emotional. He was in his ping-pong stage where he just bounced from one thing to another. He really wanted to get the other children wound up. Thankfully they didn't follow his lead. When I told him to do something he just yelled at me. Then he was definitely in trouble. Seriously, he spent more time in his room than he did with the rest of us.
Now that the company has left, Bubs has turned a 180 and calmed down. He just came up to me and took deep breathes to let me know he was getting under control. Then he proceeded to ask me a question.
Holy Spirit, speak to me to know what the best action is in each specific situation to lead Bubs down the right path. Give me knowledge to know when I need to change my decision and when I need to stay firm.

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