Sunday, February 1, 2009

Block to Block Direct Match

The optometrist was very kind to sit down with me to give me specific activities to help Bubs with his visual perception problems. The concept that she taught us was "Block to Block" therapy. The purpose is to develop form matching and discrimination using 3-D figures in 1 to 1 correspondence. Basically that means helping Bubs match what I have created with blocks in formation and color. I love the idea so much that I will be adding this activity to my free preschool curriculum website -

This is what we did.
- We used duplo legos but the optometrist suggested parquetry blocks. We have had trouble finding these.
- I created a pattern with only 2 or 3 blocks. Everything lined up parallel to the other blocks.
- Bubs had to copy the pattern. As expected, Bubs transposed the pattern making the top block the bottom.
- I carefully laid my pattern on his and let him look at it. He saw that they did not match.
- I took off my pattern and let him redo his.
- When he was completed, I again laid my pattern on his to make sure they matched.

For something a little different, I created two patterns and he had to find what was different and make them the same. Also, I let him create a pattern and I "matched it". Bubs told me whether it was the same and fixed the differences.

I will put pictures and more information on the website soon!

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