Friday, January 30, 2009

Seeing 20/20

Today, Bubs and I braved the elements to attend his vision therapy screening. Going into the appointment I didn't know if I should be praying that he has a vision problem or not. See, if the learning difficulties are visual then they can be fix with glasses. Seemed like an easy fix to me. But if the problem is not visual, then we have other problems that are more internal.
Well, Bubs has perfect vision. His eyes are doing exactly what they should be doing. I am very thankful. Yet, I feel down. What we are dealing with is a visual perception problem. There is a problem translating what he sees to the brain. As the optometrist put it "The hardware is a there but there is a software problem." Not as easy of fix as just a pair of glasses.
After probing, I talked the optometrist into giving me some pages of items that I can do with Bubs consisting of blocks - having him mirror what I create and then point out what is wrong with two different block formations.
We will begin working with the blocks and continue to pray that between occupational therapy, working at home, and prayer that we can connect Bubs' vision with his brain.

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